Located 35 miles north of downtown Dallas, Melissa, Texas is “…one of the last cities in Collin County to have a touch of the rural,” says Reed Greer, Mayor of Melissa. According to Greer, Melissa is “…a fast growing and family-friendly community that has a sense of community pride that is focused around the school system.”

Just two exits north of McKinney off of Highway 75, Melissa is a bedroom community that also offers any kind of retail or commercial need within 6-7 minutes. As a smaller city, Melissa also offers “slower Saturdays,” where kids can go out and play without the fear of a lot of traffic going down every neighborhood street. If you are looking for a quieter lifestyle that is within reach of a big city, Melissa is the place for you.

What Makes Melissa Unique?

Melissa has one line of schools. “From elementary to high school, students are always a Cardinal,” says Greer. “The fact that the kids are always a Cardinal helps students form an identity, and really brings the community together to support all of the programs that our schools offer.”

Nearing a population of 8,000, Melissa has a great community support system that centers on the public school system. Another aspect that makes Melissa unique is something Mayor Greer calls “reverse generational moving,” meaning that young families move to Melissa to raise their children, and the grandparents move to Melissa to be close to their grandkids. Thus, “Melissa has a wide range of age groups from kids to grandparents that makes our city diverse,” notes Greer.



Melissa Schools

“We have a great school system here in Melissa,” mentions Greer. “Our close-knit community makes growing up and going to school in Melissa a great place to be.” Melissa is working to make their schools better both academically and physically, as the population continues to grow.

“New locations for more schools are on the horizon, and new schools will be built in the next 2-5 years,” notes Greer. Melissa ISD is a recognized school district with an “Exemplary” rated elementary and intermediate school. As a “one high school town,” Melissa schools offer students the opportunity to be known by name, and participate in numerous academic and athletic activities. Melissa ISD also works to engage students in innovative learning, and entered a partnership with Texas A&M Commerce that offers high school juniors and seniors the option of earning dual credit.

Although Melissa is a smaller community than other cities in Collin County, students are able to receive more one-on-one attention, as well as participate in activities both academically and athletically that larger school districts are known to offer.