Sensational News

From 1886 to the 1950’s, The McKinney Examiner delivered local, state and national news along with advertising every week.

The Examiner was conveniently located directly across from the former jailhouse for the latest scoop, and was the trusted source of information for McKinney residents.

The McKinney Examiner did not shy away from sensational stories and boldly reported on one of the worst disasters in McKinney history, the collapse of the Central Continental Bank Building (depicted).

When The McKinney Examiner closed its doors, the McKinney Penny Saver used the space. However, it wasn’t until the Cadillac Pizza Pub opened its doors that the location was returned to its former glory.

Sensational Pizza

No longer home to sensational news, 112 South Kentucky Street is now home to sensational pizza handcrafted and locally sourced by Cadillac Pizza Pub.

Cadillac Pizza Pub makes gourmet pizzas with fresh pizza dough and sauce made daily, topped with Texas-grown vegetables and herbs to ensure ultimate freshness.

The pleasure of eating a slice of pizza at Cadillac Pizza Pub is only enhanced by the vibrant surroundings, friendly atmosphere, and fascinating history.

In fact, if you look up from your table, you will see old machinery hardware from The McKinney Examiner hanging from the ceiling!

So head on down to South Kentucky Street and enjoy a fresh slice of pizza, hear some of the best live music in North Texas, and don’t forget to look around and find signs of scandals past.