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The following Rules & Regulations apply to all Key holders of the Collin County Association of REALTORS®. CCAR may enter into a cooperative agreement regarding the use of Keys and Keyboxes with other Associations of REALTORS®. The Rules contained herein shall apply equally to the Key holders of said other Associations.

The following Rules have been established by CCAR and shall remain in full force and effect until modified by the CCAR Board of Directors.

  1. Use of Keyboxes on Property: Key holders are encouraged but not required to place Keyboxes on listed property. Keyboxes shall be placed on the property only with the written consent of the owner.
  2. Utilizing a Key: A Key holder utilizing a Key to access a Keybox must follow the specific showing instructions of the Listing Office. This requirement applies to both occupied and vacant properties.
  3. Key and Keybox Changes: Staff members of CCAR are authorized to make changes as requested by a Key holder. Those changes may include but are not limited to:A. Reprogram a Key holder’s PIN.
    B. Reprogram a Keybox’s shackle and CBS code.
    C. Reprogram a Keybox’s access hours.
    D. Reprogram a Keybox’s access type for CBS access only.
  4. All changes shall be requested in person by the Key holder with appropriate identification, or in a written format acceptable to CCAR staff.
  5. Transfer of Keyboxes: Key holders may transfer Keyboxes which they own to another Key holder by completing the CCAR Keybox Transfer Form (PDF).
  6. Replacement of Display Keys: A Key holder must process any requests for replacement keys through CCAR. Cost incurred with the replacement of Keys shall be according to the Replacement Cost Schedule as set forth in the Key Lease agreement. A Key holder may hold only one active Key at any one time thus any lost or stolen Key must be rendered inactive before a replacement Key can be issued. These costs may be mitigated by insurance associated with a lost or stolen Key.
  7. Transfer of Keys: Keys are not transferable. Key holders who no longer desire or need a Key must return their Key and the equipment to CCAR for termination in accordance with the Key Lease.
  8. Assignment of PIN Codes: PIN codes will not be issued to any Key holder except in person with proper identification acceptable to CCAR. Shackle codes and CBS codes will only be issued by telephone if CCAR staff is satisfied as to the identification of the requesting party.
  9. Fee Differential: The fees set by CCAR for the Keys may vary with the membership status of the Key holder, as with a non-participant.
  10. Enforcement of Rules:A. Any written complaint against a Key holder regarding the use of a Key in violation of the Listing Office’s showing instructions shall be processed by CCAR. The Respondent shall be notified in writing by CCAR of the possibility of a hearing.B. Upon receipt of a written complaint regarding the abandonment of a Keybox at a property, CCAR will verbally notify the Keybox owner of said complaint. The Keybox owner shall have 48 hours after the notification to remove the Keybox. CCAR will have the authority to give the shackle code and to transfer the Keybox to the agent representing the property owner filing the complaint.C. Any violation of the lease agreement between a Key holder and Supra shall be enforced according to the terms of the lease and the management agreement between CCAR and Supra.
  11. Definitions:Affiliate: Affiliate members shall be real estate owners and other individual of firms who, while not engaged in the real estate profession, have interest requiring information concerning real estate, and are in sympathy with the objectives of CCARCCAR: The Collin County Association of REALTORS®Key: An electronic Key, together with the Key Cradle and accessories, which can be used to open Keyboxes

    Keybox: An electronic device provided by Supra that is designed to be opened using a Key

    Key holder: A REALTOR® member of the Association whether a salesperson or Broker

    Respondent: A Key holder against whom a complaint has been made

    Rules: Key and Keybox Rules and Regulations

    Staff: Employees or contract labor of the Collin County Association of REALTORS® who have been authorized by the Association to carry out various duties with regards to the use of Keys and Keyboxes

    SUPRA Supra Products, a division of Interlogix Inc.: A Delaware corporation and a party to the Key holder lease agreement between the Key holder and Supra Products.

    Unlicensed Assistant: An unlicensed Assistant associated with a member REALTOR®

  12. Affiliate Rules: All obligations contained herein shall apply equally to Affiliates. Affiliate rights may be defined to include the following limitation: An Affiliate’s use of the Key may be restricted to function only with a CBS code.
  13. Unlicensed Assistant: Any Unlicensed Assistant must be associated with a REALTOR® member who shall be responsible for all actions of the Assistant regarding use of the Keys and Keyboxes. An Unlicensed Assistant’s use of the key may be restricted to function only with a CBS code. The right to use Keys and/or Keyboxes does not relieve the Unlicensed Assistant from complying with all rules as set forth in the Texas Real Estate License Act.
  14. Compliance: The Rules as stated herein shall comply with the Lock Box Security Requirements as set forth in NAR Statement 7.31. The Rules shall not be in conflict with the NTREIS Rules and Regulations for MLS, nor shall the Rules be in conflict with the provisions of the SUPRA Key holder lease agreement as agreed to by the Key holder. Further, the Rules shall be subject to the terms of the management agreement between SUPRA and the Association.

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