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  • Always show a property with the permission of the seller. Permission occurs via an appointment through a showing company, a listing company, agent, or the GO code in the MLS.
  • When calling expired listings, make every effort to ensure the property has not been relisted before contacting the owner.
  • Return calls in a timely manner.
  • Provide feedback when requested from another agent.
  • Ask permission from adjoining property owners before placing directional or open signs on their property.
  • Be punctual for all appointments/meetings. Cancel appointments you are unable to keep.
  • If you set off a security system, leave a note and let the listing agent know. If possible, wait for security officers to respond.
  • Prepare for showings in advance–know where you are going.
  • When showing property, sign-in or leave your card.
  • If another agent is showing a property, please wait until their showing is completed or ask permission to show at the same time.
  • Do not remove the last seller’s disclosure from the property unless writing an offer; then contact the Listing Agent and let him/her know there are no disclosures available at the property.
  • Make every effort to leave a home in exactly the same condition as when you arrived. You have a responsibility to the owner of the house to always accompany your customer/client around the home.
  • If damage is done in a home while showing, leave your card and contact the Listing Agent promptly. If you notice any irregularity in a property, notify the Listing Agent.
  • Turn off all lights and lock all doors before leaving a property. When showing property that is fenced/gated, be sure to lock and secure the gates. Reset the security alarm (if armed when you arrived) and put the key back in the keybox.

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