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• Never meet a stranger in a vacant property.
• For your own safety, always let someone know where you are going and who you are showing.
• Carry adequate car insurance.
• Be extra careful if talking on a mobile phone while driving.
• Put a first aid kit, extra umbrellas, paper towels, insect spray, flashlight, etc. in your car trunk.
• Don’t criticize a property–your client/customer may love it exactly the way it is.
• Never give legal advice. Your clients/customers have the right to advice from an attorney.
• Caution your client that everything must be in writing.
• Keep the office files as complete as your own on every transaction.
• Present all offers and counter offers on a positive note. Present everything and everyone in the best possible light. Help the other agent look good.
• Read all remarks in the listing for showing instructions. If an animal resides on the property, alert agents in the agent remarks and post a note. If the animal bites, barks, or is unpredictable, post a note to not enter the yard/garage without the owner present.
• If another agent is showing a property, wait until the showing is over or ask permission to show at the same time.
• If you are the listing agent on a property, coach the sellers to make themselves scarce during showings.
• Prequalify the buyers.

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