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CCAR’s knowledgeable Member Services team can offer assistance regarding your Supra-related questions. In addition, Supra XpressKEYs or eKEYs are leased from Supra at CCAR, usually at the time of joining. Supra iBoxes are also available for purchase in the CCAR REALTOR® Store.

Training and support links for Supra’s products offered through CCAR, can be found below. Should you have questions about these devices, please call our Member Services team at 972-618-3800.

How the Supra eKEY® Works Without Cell Service:
Quick Tips for Customizing Your eKEY®:
How to Obtain a Key and Open Shackle:

If you’re switching Associations or selling your iBoxes to another REALTOR®, you’ll need to complete and submit a KeyBox Transfer Form. Should you have questions about this process, please call our Member Services team at 972-618-3800.

Please remember that Supra BTLE lockboxes do not adjust for Daylight Saving Time. For agents that have access hours programmed for their lockboxes, the effective access hours on those lockboxes are one hour later during Daylight Savings Time than the pre-set access hours.

Effective December 31, 2021, Supra will be shutting down an earlier generation eKEY server. Read More

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