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Collin County Area REALTORS®

Where REALTORS® Work for You

The real estate industry and housing market have been in the news lately. If you’re a potential home buyer or seller, you might be asking yourself: What does this mean for me? Who is a trusted source for answers? Who has the expertise to guide me through the complex process of buying and selling? Because it’s more complex than it sounds. It’s more involved than browsing through photos on the web. There are market trends to evaluate. Interest rates to consider. Housing inventory data to analyze. That's all before the inspections, negotiations, or mortgage.

A real estate app might be your first stop when you’re house hunting. But an app can only get you so far. App filters can’t interpret the nuances of each property, address your financial questions, or negotiate the best deal for you. But an agent who’s a REALTOR® has the expertise to guide your real estate journey from initial search to final walk through. While apps run on an algorithm, REALTORS® run on a Code of Ethics. Make sure your agent is a REALTOR®.

The REALTOR® Value

REALTORS® help people achieve homeownership, the best and most accessible way for American families to build generational wealth.

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REALTORS® help people navigate financial, legal, and community aspects of selling or buying a home in what are the most complex and consequential transactions most will ever make.

Most REALTORS® are small business owners, 65% of whom are women that exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit of this country.

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CCAR in the News

For potential clients looking to buy or sell a home, Acquisto recommended they connect with a licensed real estate professional. Buying a home is a complex and complicated process, and nobody should do it alone, she said.

“Maybe some of the conversations are different, but since the beginning of time we’ve changed our processes and they’ve improved,” she said. “Change is a constant. What hasn’t changed is the law of agency and how we represent our clients on both sides.”

Thank you to CCAR Immediate Past President, Shana Acquisto, for her interview with Community Impact about upcoming changes to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This information is important for consumers to know, in order to increase transparency in all real estate transactions.

Resources for Buyers and Sellers

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned pro, the process of buying a home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. But, if you have an idea of the process before-hand, you’ll not only know what to expect along the way, but you’ll help ensure that the road leading up to your new home will be a little smoother.


The process of selling a home can sometimes be confusing. That’s why using a REALTOR® is so important! From deciding whether to have a seller’s inspection, to pricing and staging your home to sell, having the expert guidance of a REALTOR® is a tremendous asset.

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