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Phased Inspections: A Crucial Step in the Purchase of a New Home Build

New Home Build

By Lee Warren, Prospect Inspectors, Inc. (License #8411), and member of CCAR's Affiliate Committee

It has become obvious in the last few years that the DFW Metroplex is growing in vast numbers. With this substantial growth, there is also the inevitable demand for new houses. Many people have the perception that new homes have no deficiencies. Many builders will tell you that they do their own inspections, they hire third party inspectors, and that there are the city inspectors to ensure that the house is built correctly. However, even with these three layers of inspections, one thing is absolutely consistent about them: Not one of them work for the buyer of the home.

It is vital for a buyer of a new home to have an inspection performed on that home. It is one of the largest purchases that one will make in their lifetime. Many people may simply get an inspection done when the house is complete. However, the best time to start having the house inspected is when they first start on the lot.

Many licensed professional inspectors offer “phased inspection” services. This means that they will inspect the property from the time they start moving the dirt, right up until it is completed. Keep in mind that this is the only time that you, as a buyer, will know what is getting installed before the foundation is poured, and before the drywall is installed. Contact a CCAR inspector to determine if they perform phased inspections and find out the benefits that a phased inspection can bring to your client with their purchase.

Keep in mind that some builders have certain requirements of inspectors before they will allow them to perform inspections on the home. Some of these requirements can be excessive, and this can lead some to believe that this may be an effort to prevent the inspection of the home. Many inspectors will not inspect homes by certain builders because of these excessive requirements.  Please ensure that you have a thorough conversation with a builder prior to having your client sign a contract with them. If the builder states that they have no extra requirements for an inspection, make sure that you get it in writing so that they cannot later impose this roadblock when your client’s earnest money is on the hook.


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