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What is FIRPTA?

By Diane Donley, Republic Title North Coit, Member of CCAR’s Affiliate Committee FIRPTA (The Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act of 1980) is a tax law that may impose a tax on certain defined “foreign persons” selling [...]

PIDs, PUDs, and MUDs, Oh My!

Curious which CCAR blog post has had the most views in 2019? This one! In response to the overwhelming interest in this topic, CCAR has called on experts to lead two Tax District Panels as well as asked MuniCap to speak to our Allen/McKinney [...]

Where Does That Inspection Report Go?

Lee Warren (NMLS 0536180) – Prospect Inspectors,  CCAR Affiliate Committee Member  After an inspection is performed, often times the inspector will go over the findings with the potential buyer to let them know about all of the [...]