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11 Essential Packing Supplies You’ll Need to Make Moving Day Easier

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By Francey Beall of Fantastic Moves and Member of CCAR's Affiliate Committee

It's not surprising that moving is considered one of life's most stressful events. After all, you need to pack up pretty much all your possessions and it has to get done by a certain date.

That's why stocking up on packing supplies ahead of time is essential. It'll make the move easier not just for you, but for your hired movers as well. Here's our checklist of 11 moving supplies you need on-hand to make your move go smoother.

1. Boxes

Various Sizes Boxes are the most obvious packing supply you're going to need for moving day. The key is to collect boxes of different sizes to accommodate specific types of items. Delicate knickknacks should be packed into smaller boxes with plenty of wrapping so they have no space to move around in. Larger boxes can be used for lighting, mirrors, and other big items.

2. Tape

Of course, you'll need tape to seal up those boxes. Choose high-quality tape so those boxes stay sealed. Cheap tape sometimes comes with weak adhesive. Blue painters tape is good for delicate items and wrapping cords together.

3. Box Cutter / Scissors

A box cutter will make the tedious task of opening boxes faster and easier once you're in your new residence. You'll also be grateful to have one handy when you need to slice up unneeded boxes for the recycling truck.

4. Permanent Markers

As you pack and seal up items, mark each box with permanent markers to indicate what's inside and what room they belong in. You'll also need markers to let your movers know which boxes contain fragile items. Indicate which side of the box is the top by writing "this side up" and drawing arrows. Label boxes on sides and top of boxes.

Since you won't be able to predict the weather on your moving day in advance, consider using permanent markers that won't smudge in the rain. Or cover lettering with clear packing tape to seal out water.

5. Padding Materials

You'll need to protect your delicate possessions by wrapping them in bubble wrap or sturdy tissue paper. Blank newsprint works well, as does regular newspaper as long as the item you're insulating can't get stained by the ink.

Buy bubble wrap by the roll so you can rip or cut off sheets as needed. Bubble wrap that features larger bubbles can be used to wrap bigger items or reduce space inside a box. Wrap so that the bubble side is making contact with the item for the greatest amount of protection. Using enough padding material so that there's no movement inside a box once it's sealed is one way to protect fragile items before your move.

6. Stretch Plastic Wrap

Stretch plastic wrap looks a lot like plastic wrap you use to store food, except it has some stretch. Use it to keep drawers safely shut on furniture. It is waterproof and provides protection against dings.

Stretch plastic wrap can even be used to completely cover and protect soft furniture such as chairs and couches.

7. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are usually made of a thick polyester and cotton blend fabric. Wrap them around hard furniture pieces such as tables and chairs to protect them from getting scratched and damaged.

Most moving companies supply their own moving blankets or rent them to customers. Check with your chosen moving company before you purchase them.

8. String Or Rope

If you are moving yourself and renting a truck, rope will come in handy to secure your items in the vehicle.

9. Clear Sealable Plastic Bags

These can come in handy for storing furniture hardware, jewelry, toiletries, and other small items. Choose ones with a label area or label bags so you know what hardware goes with the right piece of furniture. Label all television remote controls and place in bags.

10. Tool Kit

If you're going to be taking apart and assembling furniture, get yourself a basic tool kit that contains screwdrivers, a hammer, and a wrench. You may also need it for placing nails in your new home to hang artwork.

11. Moving Day Survival Kit

Food, toiletries, and other items may be unavailable as the move is underway or when you begin unpacking in your new home. Throw together a moving day survival kit that contains healthy non-perishable snacks, water, instant coffee, toiletries, and anything else you may need to help you and your loved ones get through the big day.

These Packing Supplies Will Make For an Easier Move

Purchase or borrow these packing supplies ahead of time to help make your move much less stressful. Knowing your valuables are protected with the right materials will give you one less thing to worry about on moving day.


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