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Congratulations to Bri Westbury: CCAR’s New Communications Director

Bri Westbury

It is with great excitement that CCAR announces Bri Westbury has been named CCAR's new Communications Director. Bri’s large business skill set and industry knowledge, coupled with years of experience in marketing and public relations, will further our quality communications programs well into the future

"The CCAR Communications team knows it is vital for our members to have industry information in a succinct and timely manner. We will continue to work to that end while embracing new platforms and highlighting new voices.” -Bri Westbury, CCAR Communications Director

Bri successfully practiced real estate for over 5 years in Washington state. Upon her relocation to Texas, she tunneled her passion for the industry into equipping CCAR members with the tools and information they need to succeed and has served as CCAR Content Specialist since 2018.

She is a proven communicator and leader who has demonstrated the skills, ability, and knowledge to work well with CCAR's members, volunteer leaders, and team. Congratulations Bri!


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