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Realist Enhancements


Earlier this month, NTREIS released numerous Realist enhancements and several bug fixes. Check out the newest enhancements below.

  • Type-Ahead Search for Addresses: NTREIS introduced a new feature to Realist property searches, type-ahead search. With this update, users can now enjoy real-time suggestions as they enter search keywords for addresses only. The type-ahead search functionality provides accurate and relevant suggestions while narrowing down results based on the user's county of coverage, ensuring a seamless and efficient search experience. Additionally, the type-ahead search results are tailored to the user's county of coverage, ensuring that only relevant matches within their contracted region are displayed.
  • Disclaimer on Mapping Interface: A new feature in Realist that allows users to easily access the parcel map tile disclaimer for specific locations. With this update, users can review important information, such as data source acknowledgments, usage restrictions, and legal disclaimers associated with the parcel map tile.
  • Suppress Sell Score When Record is an Active Listing: An enhancement to the Realist platform that provides improved handling of the Sell Score for active listings.
  • Flood Map Report Enhancements:
    • Users will now see an additional tooltip for the subject property when the Flood determination is marked as "OUT" but does not match the flood zone map data due to a recent Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). The tooltip provides important context, stating that "Due to a recent LOMA amendment, the subject property has been determined to be located OUTSIDE of the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). In addition, the determination for SFHA is based on a geocoded point and not the entire structure.
    • An additional field specifically for "LOMA" (Letter of Map Amendment) information, bringing greater clarity and convenience to flood risk assessment. Now, when generating a Flood Map Report, users will find a standalone "LOMA" field prominently displayed. If a LOMA exists for the subject property, the field will showcase the full comment, including detailed LOMA information. In cases where no LOMA information is available, the field will elegantly display "N/A."
    • Removed the "Within 250 feet of multiple flood zone" field and replaced it with a new field called "Distance to 100 yr Flood Plain."


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