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Remine Access Ends January 21

The NTREIS contract with Remine ends on January 21, 2024 and will not be renewed. Access to this product will no longer be available after that date.
If you are a Remine user, please take the following steps prior to January 21:

• If you have saved contacts you do not have stored in another location, you will want to export those contacts.
• If you do not have a CRM for contact management, you can upload your contacts into Matrix.
• If you have saved searches in Remine sending automatic notifications to clients, you will need to set those up in a different product; notifications will no longer be sent from Remine after January 21.
• As you set up searches in another system, inactivate the search in Remine to prevent duplicate notifications.
• Saved search notifications can be set up in Matrix, MLS Touch, or Cloud Streams.

If you have any questions, Remine support can assist you. You can also contact the CCAR MLS Department for further support at 972-618-3800.


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