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Don’t let Storm Damage Sink Your DFW Real Estate Deal: Why you Need a Professional Roof Inspection


Written By: Samantha Stern, Impression Roofing and CCAR Affiliate Committee Member

As REALTORS® and Brokers in the heart of North Texas, we understand the importance of smooth and successful transactions. But what about the hidden threats lurking beneath the surface, like hail damage from the area's frequent storms?

According to the National Risk Index (NRI) by FEMA, Collin County faces an above-average risk of several natural hazards, including severe storms, hail, and high winds. This data is further supported by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), which reported billions of dollars in storm-related damage across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex over the past several decades.

These factors paint a clear picture: Ignoring roof inspections can be detrimental to both buyers and sellers in the DFW area.


Why are professional roof inspections crucial?


Peace of Mind for Sellers:

  • A pre-listing inspection from a qualified storm restoration contractor can uncover any hidden hail damage. This transparency prevents delays during closing and protects your reputation as a REALTOR® by ensuring accurate property disclosure.


Buyer Protection:

  • Even the most meticulous visual inspection might miss subtle signs of hail damage. A professional assessment provides comprehensive documentation that safeguards buyers from unknowingly purchasing a property with compromised roofing.


Avoiding Insurance Woes:

  • Most insurance companies have a 90-day "detrimental reliance" period after closing. During this time, they can inspect the property and potentially cancel coverage if they discover pre-existing hail damage. This leaves the homeowner facing costly roof repairs without insurance assistance.


Partnering with a professional Storm Restoration General Contractor is a wise decision for both buyers and sellers. It fosters trust, protects all parties involved, and streamlines the real estate process. By partnering with reputable contractors, you can navigate the DFW market with confidence, knowing your clients are shielded from the potential pitfalls of storm-related damage.


Remember, a proactive approach is key to a successful real estate experience.



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