(And why your TREPAC investment is more important now than ever before!)

Investing in a Political Action Committee (PAC) may not be something that’s currently in your budget, but if you are a real estate professional, your $35 Fair Share investment in TREPAC should be.

It has long been said in the political world: “If you are not at the table, you are on the menu.” It is the job of CCAR’s Government Affairs Department to ensure that the real estate industry remains at the table.

Because of the TREPAC investments made by REALTORS® and real estate professionals like you, our local, state, and national advocacy to protect your business during the pandemic has power.

Some REALTOR® Party victories during the pandemic include:

  • Real estate being considered essential, allowing your work to continue during the most restrictive of lockdowns.
  • Independent contractors being eligible for unemployment.
  • Your business being eligible for small business loan programs, such as the Paycheck Protection Program, and more.

As the pandemic continues, CCAR’s Government Affairs Department is dedicated to making sure all Collin County residents have access to resources needed to maintain a safe shelter. As part of this effort, CCAR’s Chief Advocacy Officer, Adam Majorie was a part of the Collin County Economic Recovery Task Force and assisted in the creation of the Economic Recovery Assistance Program: Collin CARES.

There is no doubt that there will always be more work to be done, and your investment in TREPAC allows the REALTOR® Party to continue to make sure your business is protected. You can learn more about CCAR’s ongoing efforts during the pandemic, as well as additional resources available to you at www.ccar.net/covid-19/advocacy.

Did you know that when you participate in a TREPAC event at CCAR, the money you spend on registration is a TREPAC investment in your name? It’s true. Check out some fun ways to invest in TREPAC this month: