We get it. Thursdays in October are for football.

Even for the football adverse (🙋‍♀️), attending a Legislative Session Review rarely tops the list of desired Thursday evening activities. That is why we created an easy quiz to evaluate if legislation passed by your greater North Texas Delegation impacts you.

With so many significant battles fought and won by your greater North Texas Delegation, it is important to understand how changes made to legislation will benefit you as a homeowner, renter, parent, potential disaster victim, taxpayer, car driver, and Texan. The 86th Legislative Session was a monumental win for private property rights and homeownership.

Definition courtesy of www.merriam-webster.com

That is why the Collin County Association of REALTORS® invites you and your neighbors to join us for a Texas 86th Legislative Session Review at Collin College Spring Creek Campus Conference Center located at 2800 E. Spring Creek Parkway, Plano 75074 on Thursday, October 3 from 5:30-8 p.m. Don’t miss a chance to see advocating for private property rights and homeownership in action, and hear the personal ways it impacts you.

Your pre-registration is requested, please visit https://www.ccar.net/86-session/ to complete your registration.